The Ten Minute Sales Trainer set is somewhat under appreciated, as sales resources go.


At first blush one thinks, "Oh, well, these are just compilation books, just  an excuse to make something to sell."


We promise, they are anything but that.

Well, okay, they are something else to sell you, but truthfully the value is there: these topics on selling, culled from Todd's articles in Art World News — from nearly 30 years as a columnist — have one thing in common:  they are all about selling art in a retail environment.

To paraphrase the gag from "the Big Chill," a good read should be one in which the time it takes to read it is equal to the average time spent in the bathroom.  These articles are like that.


And it's precisely because the topics are seemingly random and disparate that the value presents itself:  nowhere else will you find opinion and instruction on such a wide variety of issues relevent to the retail gallery business.


Unfortunately they are only available now as digital pdf files, but we promise, you will find value in the content.


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© 2016 Todd Bingham Fine Art \ San Diego, CA 92084