Which books should I purchase?

While all of our books can stand alone, there is nonetheless a linear progression in which they are most effective.


We recommend that for those who are either new to Todd's methods, or are new to selling artwork in general, starting with "The Manual for Art Sales" is advisable.

The Manual presumes that the reader has  never sold art before and gives a general overview of the process start to finish without a lot of nuance or subtle detail.


The Manual also stresses the importance of using prepared presentations.  The book we recommend as second, "Painting the Picture."dissects the construction of an effective sales presentation and helps you to create your own, while giving suggestions on delivering that presentation as a compelling argument for the sale.



Thirdly, we recommend the book, "The Yes Train," which discusses closing the sale in great length and detail, since after your soaring and scintillating presentation, you'll want to close the sale. The Yes Train is the only book written exclusively about closing the art sale, for items at any level of the price spectrum.

Those three books are a course of study --- both beginning and advanced -- on the subject of art sales.

For a more advanced study of our customer, we suggest, "The Personality Paradigm," for some insights on who our customers are and ow they act.

"Increasing Your Art and Framing Sales" examines the most sophisticated areas of art sales such as viewing room techniques, tandem selling and artist shows -- nearly every aspect of running a gallery.




"Aren't your books kind of expensive?"


There's a story about Picasso:  he was showing one of his sculptures to a potential buyer who obviously thought the work of art to be simple and rudimentary.  The buyer asked Picasso, "how long did it take you to make this?"

"Thirty five years," Picasso answered.

Same with the books.  They may have only 150 pages but the pages are filled with 35 years of insight.

© 2016 Todd Bingham Fine Art \ San Diego, CA 92084
© 2016 Todd Bingham Fine Art \ San Diego, CA 92084