The TBFA Journals are concise, targeted articles - like the “Cliff Notes” version! - of Todd’s books. They are each about a 10-minute read. A diverse range of topics, each valuable on its own, but only a taste of the material in one of his books. There are 8 Journals offered as one package and are available as • A printable high-resolution PDF download file for $25.00 • Individual printed pamphlets - $27.50 The titles are:

 "Closing the Sale - Industrial Strength Techniques Part One - Trial Closing" by Todd Bingham

The most intimidating most misunderstood aspect of selling — closing. This pamphlet will provide vital tips on how to start closing the sale at the beginning rather then at the end, when it may be too late. Trial closing and pre-emptive closing techniques. Increase your closing ratio immediately with these proven methods.

"Closing the Sale - Industrial Strength Techniques Part Two - Final Closing" By Todd Bingham

The best salespeople still have trouble with this area of selling. It takes timing and experience to know the right moment to close the sale. This pamphlet will give you inside tips from an industry veteran on closing methods and what to do when they say 'no'. Absolutely vital to the success of any art retail business, no matter what you sell.

"Meetings—Part One: What Can They Do For Your Company? Everything!" by Todd Bingham

Part One -- Why meetings? Goal Setting, quotas. Galleries and indeed any small business may put too little emphasis on regular company meetings.

"Meetings —Part Two: What Can They Do For Your Company? "

Part Two -- Charting progress, Role playing, topics of discussion and more..These two journals create the steps necessary to and run an effective weekly meeting. What to say, what to do, and how to do it. Strengthen the 'team spirit' so crucial for your company to realize its full potential.

"Sales Motivation — How Do I Keep 'Em Excited About Selling?" by Todd Bingham

Art gallery staff people get jaded and start taking the job for granted. That includes me and you. This journal will provide vital tips for keeping your staff interested, motivated and on their toes. Includes tips on spiffs and incentives. Your staff will appreciate it and so will your accountant.

"The Viewing Room - Why You Want One" by Todd Bingham

There is a reason the biggest and best galleries have viewing rooms in them. They increase sales. Dramatically. This journal will give you first hand expertise in designing, creating and using a viewing room to augment your effectiveness. These techniques can increase your bottom line by 20%.

"FARM THOSE LISTS!" by Todd Bingham

The best way to keep money in your coffers is to farm your customer lists on a regular basis. Don't depend on new business to keep the lights on. Those customers are qualified prospects. It pays to reach out to them!

"Discounting - Surviving Whether You Do It or Don't Do It" by Todd Bingham

There are dealers who insist the only way they can do business is to discount. Others believe it kills future business. What's the answer? This report will give you insights and tips on how to handle both sides of the issue, whatever you decide is best for you. Increase your below-the-line profits.

TBFA Journals

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